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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Out and About / Firetrucks

Yesterday, we got out and about in the afternoon and visited some of our favorite spots in Kansas City.  We were gone for quite a few hours and had lots of fun.

Before we left, we had a Brunch of a Bunch of Pies!  We didn't eat the 2nd Swedish Tea Ring (we had one on Christmas Day), but Sharon wanted to see it- it tasted just like Grandma Wenger's scrumptious bread that she would give to us when we would visit her!   We had quiche and some of the 2 pies that we couldn't touch on Christmas... we were too stuffed.

The day of adventures began with a visit to our local Firehouse Station #1.  It's one of the kids (especially the little boy's) favorite places in the whole world!  Aunt Sharon would appreciate that Zeke got to get in the bucket and actually SIT in the cab of the firetruck.  Every time we prayed while we were visiting Aunt Sharon in Indiana, Zeke would pray for firetrucks to come to her house!  We've tried to explain to him before that having a firetruck come to YOUR house means that something is wrong... but alas, he prays for them to come.  One night while we were there, we sat in her front room with all the windows because firetruck after firetruck (plus police cars and an ambulance) came past the front of Sharon's house.  It went on for several minutes (like 15 min.)  She said to Zekie, "See Zeke, God DID answers your prayers!  There's lots and lots of firetrucks!"

So, today's pictures will be of the kids on their outing!


                       Zeke in the Cab of the Firetruck

                                                                                                                 In the Bucket

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!  See you tomorrow!

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