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Early Pregnancy

Not all my posts over the next few months will be about pregnancy, but today I had some thoughts on my heart concerning pregnancy.  For those of you not currently pregnant but have been, bear with us today.  You may have some comments or thoughts you would like to post after reading today's entry!

I remember when I became pregnant with my first child back in 1994. We were planning a family and I was so excited to find out that I was expecting!  There was not a doubt in my mind that I would carry to full term and miscarriage NEVER entered my thoughts.  I felt right away that I was having a boy and that we were to name him Titus.  Several weeks later at an ultrasound, I was shocked to be told that we were expecting a girl.  No way!  Of course, they were wrong and Hannah Grace turned out to be Titus Elijah!  I'll never forget hearing about my parent's reaction when my husband went out into the waiting room wearing a button that had Titus' footprint on it (which went off the button because his feet were so big) and it read, "IT'S A BOY!".  Of course, they thought he was teasing, but no... he really was a boy and had all the parts to prove it!

Within the first few months after delivery, I found myself expecting again!  No one was in greater awe than I was.  I had a hard delivery with Titus.  It wasn't the labor (which only lasted 5 hours from beginning to end- an hour of which was pushing).  I was two weeks past my due date and ready to pop!  The hard part was delivering him with his arm up by his head.  Needless to say, I tore badly.  I cried when I found out that I was expecting again.  I wanted more children, but the trauma I had just been through left me a bit antsy about having to deliver again.   We came for a holiday to Kansas City from Nashville to visit family and while we were here, I experienced some bleeding.  Of course, any amount of blood during early pregnancy sends one's mind into instant fear.  We were at a church service when I discovered the blood.  We called my doctor's office ASAP and I spent the rest of the trip in bed.  After about 24 hours, the bleeding ceased, but I remained cautious for several months following.  I looked for blood every time I used the bathroom!    There wasn't any real explanation for the bleeding, but I was so grateful that it stopped and that I knew more than ever that I wanted this baby.  I had some complications (toxemia) during the second pregnancy and ended up delivering C-Section in 1996.  So, my first and second children are 11 months apart.   Some added benefits... I already had all kinds of girl clothes and items since the doctor told me I was having a girl.

Our third pregnancy was planned, but unfortunately ended in miscarriage in 1997.  I began bleeding again about the same time I had during Celeste's pregnancy, only this time it didn't stop and became heavier.    

We conceived again two months after the miscarriage and delivered V-BAC without any complications in 1998.

Our 5th and 6th pregnancies were similar stories, both without any bleeding in early pregnancy or any complications.  I began to get toxic a the end of the 6th and  ended up delivering him  C-Section.

Our 7th pregnancy also ended in miscarriage in 2005.  Similar story to the last miscarriage... bleeding started but then became heavier and heavier.

During our current pregnancy (yest #8 for those of you who are counting), I experienced some bleeding early on which lasted for several weeks.  I did a lot of online research and found there are plenty of women who experience bleeding in early pregnancy.  Most of the time, it cannot be explained.   Of those who  have this occur, the  odds were about 50/50 to whether the woman lost the baby.   It's a roller coaster ride of emotions when you experience bleeding.   Panic can take over at the mere sight of even a tiny bit of blood.   You want to trust God, but at the same time, just because we are Christians doesn't mean that "bad things" won't happen to us.   Even Christians miscarry.
  Having 2 previous miscarriages put me in the high risk factor for repeats.  They call it "having a history of miscarriage".     But also remember, just because you see a little blood doesn't mean that the fate of your baby will end in tragedy.  

In my case, the doctor ordered an ultrasound at 6 weeks, which revealed that the baby was fine and we saw a healthy heartbeat (always a good sign).   The technician noted some blood near the baby, which couldn't be explained, yet it was probably the source of what was being expelled from my body. I also insisted that my progesterone levels may be low and was put on medication for nearly a week.  Within 24 hours of taking the progesterone, my bleeding stopped and I have had none since.    I am no longer on progesterone and we've been able to hear the heartbeat externally at my past 2 doctor visits.

Some have asked why I waited until 4 months to announce my pregnancy. Miscarriage was the biggest factor.  For me, it made my grief even greater with the two that I lost to have to go back and "untell" everybody.

In the meantime, our pregnancy is progressing and I have already had to increase two sizes in my trousers.  I've had non-stop nausea for nearly the entire duration of my pregnancy thus far, which nothing seems to curb.  Ginger and B-6 which have helped in the past barely touch the symptoms.  I have noticed last week that I am having periods of time during the day now when I am not sick.  I am praying that as the second trimester progresses that "morning sickness" will be a thing of the past!

BTW- who decided it was "morning sickness" when most women are sick ALL DAY????

Tomorrow, I will talk about losing babies.  No matter how far along you are when you lose a baby, it's never an easy thing to go through.  In my book, "Expectant Prayers for Expectant Mothers", I have included a small section concerning "When Something Unexpected Happens".   I will post some of my thoughts and my favorite verses that helped me through my grief. 

Also, for the rest of you, I will be posting about this weekend's JBQ trip!

If you have experienced bleeding in early pregnancy or even miscarriage,  please leave us a post to help our other readers.  Share your feelings during that time!

Blessings to you today, friends and I look forward to our visit tomorrow.

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