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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Where in the World Have I Been????

Have you been wondering where I have been???  Well, let's get to the nitty gritty...

Last Wednesday, after posting my journal entry, Kansas City was hit hard with a series of severe storms.  I shut down my computer to keep it safe from storm surge, etc.  but alas, it never woke back up!!!!  We're not exactly sure what caused the breakdown... if it was the storm or simply a freakish coincidence that it all happened at the same time.  Since then, we have been working hard to fix the problem (you know, having a fried computer) but it has taken until today to get back up and running... and even now I am having to put programs back on the computer, reorientate myself with the different look and feel of things and yada yada.    I will have to thank my father-in-law, Ben, for donating parts from an old computer of his (which was probably better than the one we were using) and his computer friend from work, Chad, who retrieved much of what was on the old hard drive and put it on the new one.  I don't know what we would have done otherwise!  What a blessing.  We just got hooked up less than an hour ago... so I got to posting an entry as soon as I could.  

So, now let's catch up to speed... well like I said the storms hit last Wednesday night.   The worst thing about the storms here in KC was the hail.  It hailed so hard that it looked like it had snowed.  I took pictures, but I can't seem to download anything picture-wise on my computer today, so perhaps I'll post that at a later time. 

Then on Thursday, the same storm system that blew through our area continued to reap havoc to the south.  It hit Enterprise, Alabama where one of my best friends lives!  I couldn't believe it.  She is a teacher there and lives very close to the High School that was ripped in two by a tornado.  I managed to get through to her cell phone on Thursday around 5pm.   Her family is OK and the son that attends the High School was unharmed.   I was so grateful that they were alright and I know the Lord's hand was upon them.  I didn't want to keep her long because they didn't have power and her cell phone is the only phone she had, but she did tell me how awful it was there and how devastating.  Even though it has been 5 days, we need to continue to pray for the good people of Enterprise!

On Friday, March 2nd, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!  I am so amazed at their accomplishment.  So many couples don't even make it to 10 years let alone 4 decades more.  So a BIG HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to them.

Also on Friday, I received a copy of a book entitled "How I Met My True Love", that I had a story published in!  It's all about true love stories of how God brought couples together.  Of course, I was glad to add an entry to it... especially when it involved writing about my husband and family!

Saturday, my phone was off practically all day and we didn't even know it.  One of the three people who looked at our computer turned off the power strip to the computer, which also turned off the phone.  LOL.  Maybe not too funny if you were trying to get ahold of us.  I'm not sure if it was on Friday either.... but it's on NOW!

OK... whew... well, that about wraps it up.  I got in everything except the kitchen sink... which was stopped up due to the sauerkraut (long story) and cost me $113 in plumber services today.  

Blessings to you today friend and I'll see you tomorrow!


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