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Jennifer Jo Weiss

That's A Close Shave!

My Dad sent me a forward yesterday about the old Burma Shave advertisements, which prompted me to share a real-life story from the Big Weiss family! 

On Saturday evening, my youngest son went to the bathroom... or so I thought.  He is able to "take care of business" on his own, so I really didn't think much about him being in the bathroom for several minutes. He came back into the living room where my daughter and I were watching a movie, holding a tissue to his face and reluctantly offered the phrase, "Mom, I'm blooding."    At first I thought he probably fell (which is normal) and his teeth probably punctured a lip, but when he said, "No, I cut" at my questioning, I have to admit I became a little panicked.  My first thought was scissors, which in times past he has found and lopped off several large sections of his fine blond hair.   I was praying this wasn't the case!  I looked at the cuts and realized that it couldn't have been scissors due to the size of the wounds.  Yes, they were bleeding, but they were tiny. Two small ones on the top lip and one eencie weencie one under his bottom lip.   I quickly went to the bathroom with Celeste and discovered that he had somehow found the extra disposable razors that she uses.  I held the razor up for Zeke to see and said, "Is this what you used?"  He said, "Me shave like daddy!"    The wounds were consistent with his story, including how he must have made the "face" that men do when shaving; that's the only way he would have had 3 wounds in one swipe.  

After several minutes, we stopped the bleeding, cleaned the wounds, and taped some gauze on his upper and lower lip.  Of course, he loved this too.  Looking in the mirror he exclaimed, "Me have a mustache and beard!"   

I am very grateful that the wounds weren't bad and that today you can barely see where he "shaved."   I am certain that he won't be doing that again any time soon!

When I was thinking about the topic of shaving this morning, I was reminded of a dream I had several years ago... back in 1998... about the condition some people in this world are in.  I saw a man, unshaved and wearing old, ragged clothing.  His hair was long and ratty, his beard untrimmed and bristly.  He walked past an old fashioned barber shop... the kind with the rotating blue, red, and white light outside the door.  He stopped at first because he noticed the fixture, but then the sun shined down on him and his reflection lit up in the window like a mirror.  He hadn't noticed the condition he was in!  He stood there gazing at his reflection in bewilderment.  At first, he didn't recognize himself because the sight was so ghastly.  Then the revelation hit him... it was HIS image he was beholding!  Upon realizing what state he was in, he ran into the barber shop.  When he emerged, he was a different man!  

I have seen versions of this "barbershop" illustration on the internet and every time I do, I think of this dream.  Many walk around not knowing what their spiritual condition looks like... that is until the light of the Lord can illuminate their darkness!  When looking at their reflection in the mirror of the Word, they are prompted to change.  So much could be said here about what people put on and become comfortable with, but I want to stress the point that it's the light that brings them out of darkness. 

What are we doing to shed the light of Jesus in a wicked world?  Do people who know us examine themselves because of the light we shine into our workplace, our social gatherings, or neighborhoods?    Do we see a world in need and fail to point them to the answer? 

Don't get into heaven by a close shave or allow those within your sphere on influence to do the same!

Blessings upon you today, friend!

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