Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss


Just like a Lego set with an intended design, I feel like I am being put back together again when I am able to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen in awhile.

This morning was no exception.  We were honored to attend breakfast with about 200 people from my husband's place of employment, and there I saw faces and friends that warm the heart.

I am always touched as we sit and converse about the former year what the Lord has accomplished in all of our lives and look forward to what the new year will bring.  Some of us, especially those who have been through heavy trials this past year, look forward to moving toward the light of hope.  I am sure glad I was able to see some of those dear friends so that we can encourage one another and simply tell them that we love them.  I am also prompted to pray more intensely for them!!

My Bible reading yesterday was the entire books of James and 1st Peter, so today I read 2nd Peter and 1 John.  I found a lot of good things that encouraged me in those books, but what stuck out was in 1st we are "to love each other deeply"  and that our faith is not expressed in words alone, but also by our deeds.  If we see someone in need and do not respond, we are not acting as Christ would!  We are not saved by our deeds, but if we are in Christ, our fruit will be evident to others around us.  Sometimes our "time" spent with people can mean more to them than we'll ever know.

So many that were there this morning are living unfulfilled lives because they haven't realized the freedom that Christ brings.  Even others who claim to know Christ, but are indulging in the "works of darkness" rather than "walking in the light".   How I want to tell all of them about the love of the Father and what joy they could find if only they surrendered their brokenness to Him.  I had that opportunity with a few this morning.   I am praying for others to find Christ this Christmas and know what it really means to live.

So, if you have Christmas parties from work to attend, or other events that you may (or may not)  be looking forward to attending, ask Christ to show you what His will and purpose is for you being there... perhaps you'll be a star shining in the darkness!

Secondly today, I wanted to write about my favorite oldest nephew, Tim Jr.   He was at school yesterday and a kid got angry with him during homeroom.  The other kid grabbed his right index  finger and bent it back so far that it BROKE ... in the worse place possible!    Of course this made an overprotective Aunt like me furious!  How can this happen?  Where were the teachers?   Is this kid going to be punished???  I don't have all the story, but I will be calling them later today to hear more about this event.   For now, all sports and drumming are ceased until this finger can be set and is healed up.  That really disrupts life for him!
Sharon said that he will have to go to a surgeon to have it fixed!   I am heartbroken that my nephew had to go through such a violent act at school and that it caused him such pain.  You know that had to hurt terribly. 
Tim Jr., I am praying for you today and that the Lord will not only bring healing to your hand, but will also heal any emotional trauma caused by this action.  I am sorry this happened.  You must forgive this other kid and pray for him.    Uncle Pete and I and the cousins will keep you in prayer!  Love you!

Blessings friends, and have a wonderful day in God's house tomorrow!

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