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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens....

"He satisfies us with good things, so that our youth is renewed like the eagle's."   Psalm 103:5

As I tucked the little ones into bed last night, I turned on their radio so that they could listen to Christmas music.  A few Kansas City radio stations play Christmas tunes 24/7 during the holidays (one happens to be the station my father-in-law works at).    I was surprised when I turned it on to hear Julie Andrews singing "Favorite Things"!  Since when has that become a Christmas song?  Mind you, I really like "The Sound of Music", but just because it mentions the words like "mittens" and "snowflakes" and talks about "favorite things", why is it now considered a Christmas classic?  I'm sitting here still trying to figure it out!   But I guess it does get one's mind to thinking...

Considering that yesterday marked 10 days until Christmas, I was thinking about what we would put on a list of top 10 most favorite Christmas things.   I have a lot, but I'll tell you the first 10 that came to mind.

10.)  Crown Center (in Kansas City) and Ice Skating there

9.)  Baking dozens and dozens of cookies with the kids

8.)  Decorations:  I especially enjoy the homemade ornaments on the trees, Our Nativity Set, our little S'Mores Tree, and seeing the kids tear off the link on the red and green Christmas chain!

7.)  Having Titus show us what was on his Lego Advent Calendar for the day

6.)  Christmas Music

5.)  Seeing the Kids Productions, Adult Programs, and Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

4.)  Christmas in the Park  (the light display at Longview Lake here in KC) & Other Lights

3.)  Snow

2.)  Spending time with those I LOVE

1.)  Honoring and Giving Glory to JESUS!!!!

Now, I really didn't have to think about those very much in order to come up with 10 things.

I can imagine how different our lists would be depending on where we live in the world, etc., but there is one thing that should be on everyone's list.... JESUS.  

What's on your  top 10  "Favorite Things" at Christmas??? 


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