Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Puzzles & Pizza

Why is it that when we see the first sign of or we...                        

-  dig out the puzzles?  Is there some strange connection that I am just not getting?

-  run to the store and stock up on food (especially milk and bread).  Do we really think we're going to be bound to the house for the "long, hard winter" like in the prairie days? 

- order pizza?  As if not cooking will make us warmer - or our need to feed our stomachs with take-out rather than consuming the groceries we just bought? 

-or sometimes we make a huge pot of chili (as my folks did- they must be having sympathy pains for us out here in the ice ridden mid-west).  What's even funnier is that my 3 year old asked me for chili first thing out of bed this morning.    If only we could send him to Ohio for lunch....

And I know you're sitting there laughing because you've done the same things yourself!  Last night, we hit 2 items on my list (puzzles and grocery shopping).  We actually decided it wasn't that bad out and decided to go get Chinese food rather than pizza!   But, I will say, we probably passed at least 6 pizza delivery vehicles on our short drive to the restaurant.

Our bad weather is supposed to be coming in today and we're under severe winter advisory until midnight tomorrow night.  The temp has really dropped- it's bone chilling.  I'm going to go out later and give the rabbit (Sniffer) more hay and cover up his hutch with a tarp.  Then we'll probably put salt on our front steps and perhaps some on the driveway.  Our oldest has to go up to the church and help clean it... and then we'll probably be in for the rest of the evening.

So, what you are doing today?  You're not ordering pizza now, are you?????      

Have a safe, warm weekend and we'll see you again on Monday!

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