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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Praising God Today

We are praising God today not only for the water heater that God replaced last weekend (Thanks, Bill for helping install it) but also because last night, we were able to bring home our "new" van.  It is a 1998 Chevy Astro!  It is exactly what we needed, but didn't know it!  Frankly, before a few days ago, I didn't know they existed. In fact, when I would see one on the road I would mistakenly think it was an 11 passenger van.

Pete and I both agreed that this wasn't something that we would have shopped for, but again, this was what the Lord intended for us to have all along. 

I can't believe how it looks.  These people really took care of this van!  Besides a few very minor cracks in the interior console and arm rests on the passenger and driver doors (I mean very minor)- it looks brand new!  I am still amazed at the entire situation.

This van is much wider and larger than what we had before and the best part is the price... $1600.  A friend from Pete's work sold it to us and is allowing us to make payments on it.

A perfect fit!  The entire family is comfortable in the van -  it has spacious room for 8!  Now that's a miracle.

So we're thanking God today as yet again, He is making provision for us and supplying our every need.  There is power in prayer and God is waiting to move on behalf of those who show themselves loyal to Him.  He goes beyond our dreams every time.

Blessings to you today, friend.

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