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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Josephs and the Fertile Crescent

There are two simple things coming to mind today in prayer:  1.) that God is continuing to raise up Josephs and 2.) keep our eyes on the Fertile Crescent area!  

I have been hearing this for several weeks (I would say four weeks), but the Lord urged me to post it today!   Please... this is NOT directed at any one in particular (because I am privy to personal information), but it is a message for the body of Christ.  If it speaks to you...praise the Lord... do not dismiss it!   I know there is a large number of you who feel this applies to you.

God is placing people in the right place, in the right position, for the right time!  If you are a Joseph - you know it and feel confirmation in your spirit.   You don't have to be the Pharaoh in order to be given great authority over the kingdom.  Do what God wants you to in the place He is putting you.    I see this unfolding quickly. 

Many of you are struggling with the place God is moving you toward right now, but know it is for your good and not harm.  He IS drawing you out of your comfort zone and placing you where you will have to have ears to hear Him, eyes to see Him, a heart yielded to Him, and feet that will walk where He desires.  In allowing yourself to be moved where God wants you, He will bring provision and protection in the hour ahead.   Some of you feel like a hook is in your mouth - that you are being forced to "go to Egypt against your will".    After a short time, you will see the purpose for the direction and position the Lord has called you to.   Your hands will work to bring prosperity to the people in a great hour of need.  Work and do not delay.   A great many others will benefit if you listen to the Lord, but many will be in need if you do not.

The Fertile Crescent
The second part of what I feel today is that we are to have our eyes on the Fertile Crescent area.  I heard this originally about 2 weeks ago and was amazed to see that in my 5th grade lessons, we were to begin learning about the Fertile Crescent this week.  I knew this was confirmation!

Things begin in the Fertile Crescent.  It is regarded as the "birthplace of civilization".  I am including a map for us today so that we can take the areas/cities to prayer.  We are to pray for peace, for revelation of the truth, and for God's hand to move in this area.

We also need to pray for where we live... that the ground would be fertile and yield a harvest that is ripe and white in these last days.  Let's join together and work in the fields for Him. 

Finally today, if you read my blog from yesterday... God has answered and protected the life of a mother and baby.  Thank You, Jesus!    Read the following link to learn more:

Lord,  Give me a vision for what You are doing in this hour.  I place my life in Your hands and ask You to mold me like the clay.  You know better than I what kind of vessel I am to be.  I am the work of Your hands - the clay does not tell the potter what to do.   Align my will with Yours and give me spiritual eyes to see what  You are doing in this hour.  Remove the obstacles from my path that hinder me from moving in Your direction.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  Amen.

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