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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Happy to be Back to the Grindstone!

Ding!  The school bell is working again as we started back to school today after an extended Christmas break.  Things are plugging along well, except for maybe some bibliography cards that Celeste didn't complete during break... and will have to finish today.  There's only 30, so that's not a big deal, right?
The cards go along with a huge library research report that will be due the final quarter, which we are one week away from.  So, she'll really have 9 weeks to finish the report and get it turned in.  It's hard to believe that we will only have 10 more weeks of school in this year.  But, don't get too excited.  We'll have another 3-6 week break and then we'll hit the next grade!

Don't get me wrong... I loved the break and we really needed it... but I was getting a bit bored and out of sorts from being off of our normal schedule.  I'm happy to be back to the grindstone!

Today in KC, it's another windy day and a bit colder.  But who cares when it's still registering in the 40's and 50's in JANUARY!  What is most exciting is that we are still able to get out and walk almost every day and that rarely happens during the winter.  We may be in for some ice/snow mix come Friday.  But for now, I am happy and pleased to see the sun shining down upon our sidewalks and the warmth that it will bring when I lace up my shoes this afternoon!

So along with good weather and somewhat cooperative kids in the classroom... this morning, I made some homemade donuts for the kids to eat!  A day that begins with donuts can't be all that bad can it?
We ended up having some homemade French fries last night and I thought it would be good to reuse the oil instead of throwing it all out... so donuts were the obvious answer!  The first dozen were great, but then the oil got too hot.  Some of them ended up dark on the outside, but gooey on the inside... YUCK!  I ruined about 4 before I got wiser and turned down the heat.  The rest turned out fine.   We tossed them in a bag of granulated sugar... they were delicious.  If you'd grown up having Lyrch's donuts (sold outside the Hawkins grocery store) like my sister and I did... these were a close cousin!

Speaking of memories of the past...the kids loved the fries and it reminded me of when I was a kid and my Dad used to make Sharon and I homemade fries.  He's keep 'em coming and we'd sit in the middle of our huge country kitchen floor with a paper towel-lined plate of fries...and of course salt and vinegar.  I sure love our English ways! 

Oh, and for nephew Tim Jr., when our fries were done last night, we sang "Ding Fries are Done!"

One "sad" note from the weekend... we said goodbye to Super Bowl dreams as the Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts.  Of course, we're not too sad, because my sister is a Hoosier Family in Colts country!  We also grew to appreciate Peyton M. when we lived in Tennessee and  he played for the Vols.    So, if we have to pick someone else to route for, it'll be the Colts!

Have a fabulous rest of the day! 

"God had given us those times of joy..."  Psalm 81:4 TLB

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