Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss


Following my prayer time this morning, I decided that my heart was set on journaling about friends and what they mean to our lives.   Yesterday, I noticed that when I logged onto my website, the focus verse was all about having friends by showing yourself friendly.   Later in the day, a friend sent me an e-mail geared toward friends and letting them know that you love them.   I also got a phone call from a friend last night that was very encouraging- she had simply called to let me know I was on her mind and that she had been praying for me for several days (and heaven knows I needed it!).

Yes, friends, YOU are invaluable!  If you have people that love you and care about you through friendship, you are truly blessed.  Most of us are blessed to have at least a few friends who encourage us and challenge us in our daily walk and who will share in the joys (and sorrows) of our lives.  The Lord is concerned with those we fellowship with and how they affect our lives.   There are quite a few passages in the Bible that speak to friendship or who we are or are not to associate with and share our lives with.  

Even Jesus had friends.  Peter, James, and John could be noted as his closest companions, yet they all hung around in their group of 12 as well.  And just like our friends, there may be days when we feel betrayed or wounded by one in our circle.   I guess all you can say is, there's one in every crowd.  But, when you consider that Jesus prayed with his friends often and they learned about God... I think we appreciate the spiritual aspect of friendship.   How often are you praying or sharing the Word with your friends?  Can they count on you to be loyal, trustworthy, kind, honest, and consistent in your relationships?  What kind of friend are you and what kind of people do you attract to your life?   Are you plagued with high need /demanding people who rob your time and energy?   Can you think of any friendships that need work or pruning?  Are you actively working on your friendships?

We have different kinds of friends. Each may fill a different aspect of our lives that God wants ministered to.   There was an e-mail going around a few years ago that talked about that very thing... some friends you've had since you were a kid, some you just met.  Some are there for a season, some for a lifetime.... and so on.  But, regardless of the "type", I thank God for everyone who is willing to share their lives with others... FRIENDS.   Great, now my mind is thinking of when I sang at my High School Graduation " Forever friends, bound by love that time can't take away... Forever friends caring in a special kind of way, heart to heart and hand in hand, we'll stand until the end.  Love's forever when you're forever friends...."  I guess I know what I'll be trying to get out of my mind the rest of the day!

So, consider your friends today.... you do have some somewhere...
pray for them, lean on them, love them, and appreciate them.   

Thanks for being included in my circle of friends today!  God bless and have a great day!

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