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Jennifer Jo Weiss

An Event Remembered

Yesterday marked sixteen years since my husband asked me to marry him!   Every year, he remembers our engagement anniversary, but it seems to slip me by.  When I got up Friday morning, I found a long stem red rose and a card waiting for me.  AWWWW!  I know you are all touched by the display of romance on the part of my husband!  Me, too!

Our engagement night 16 yrs. ago was quite an event.  We had our rings custom made, so I knew we were going to be engaged, just not WHEN.  The night of January 18, 1991, we dined at a very expensive restaurant here in Kansas City, took a horse drawn carriage ride down at the Plaza, and took a drive past the airport (because we always felt like we would be doing a lot of traveling in our ministry).   We got to his parents house, but at this time, Pete still hadn't popped the question.  Little did I know that his mom and dad were in on the festivities and schemed a well devised plan.  Pete's mom acted like she had left a chorus book at the church and really need it before the next day.  Pete insisted that he would go and get it and made me go along with him.  When we got to the church to pick it up, it was nearly midnight.  His intention was to get engaged at midnight because he wanted to get engaged on the 19th- it coincided with our dating anniversary.
His parents had given him the church keys to gain entrance to the church.  When we walked in the sanctuary to retrieve the chorus book from the organ, I noticed that there already lights on.  There was a long stem red rose on the communion table, communion emblems, a candle, and the Bible was open.  That's when Pete got down on a knee in front of the altar and asked me to marry him!  It was an evening to remember... and the best part is that I believe we included God in the entire thing.  He has been central in our relationship and throughout our entire marriage.

Has our marriage been perfect?  No way!  But I do believe that God is continually perfecting us.  Here we are nearly 16 years later, several pregnancies later... 4 houses later... many cars later... umpteen pets and jobs later...and we are still standing.  I know many couples who don't make it as long as we have.
I feel very fortunate to still be married and HAPPY.  Pete's card said it best that he loved me more than ever and he would do it all over again.   And with God's grace and if He tarries, we will be married for many, many more years.

BTW- my folks are going to be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on March 2nd.  Now that's an accomplishment!  Only 34 more years to go for us.....

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