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Jennifer Jo Weiss

A Little Down in the Mouth

You could say that Tuesday left me a little "down in the mouth" as I spent five hours at two different dental offices dealing with a toothache in Zeke's mouth.  He had been complaining about a certain tooth hurting since he was on antibiotics a few weeks ago and Monday night it all came to a head...literally.  He developed a gum boil that began to pus (which I didn't know was actually oozing until our regular dentist pushed on the tooth that was ailing him).  A quick x-ray showed that he was going to need to have that tooth extracted, which our dentist does not do.  She referred me to a special pediatric dentist for the work.  I rushed home to call that office and got an appointment within the hour.   Pete was able to go out to that appointment with me and I was glad.  We had blizzard like conditions yesterday afternoon, plus I needed the emotional support for what we were about to hear...

Unfortunately, his x-rays at the pediatric dentist indicated that he had two teeth that will need to be extracted, plus other cavities that were "missed" by our other dentist that will need to be filled.  I couldn't believe my ears!  After all, he was just given a clean bill of dental health less than three months ago!  I am a stickler for getting the kids to the dentist every 6 months.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  So how can this be???  I still don't understand how he could develop so many problems so quickly!  Nonetheless, we got down to a treatment plan which will begin in a few weeks.  

Please keep Zeke in your prayers because he'll have 3-4 visits to complete the work, beginning with the extractions next week.  He's on antibiotics right now to stave off infection, which in turn will lessen the pain. That poor little guy has been through a lot!  My heart just aches for him.

I will probably end up having all the kids teeth checked at this new pediatric dental office from now on.  I think I would just feel better that way.  Dental heath is too important!   Sometimes in life, it's just better to "turn over a new tooth".

"Out of the mouths of children and infants You have
ordained praise."  Psalm 8:2a

"...his teeth whiter than milk."  Genesis 49:12

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